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Lacombe Fitness

Fortress of Fitness in Rocky Mountain House

Here you will find the perfect solution for getting in and staying fit. This co-ed fitness center is a quality gym in Rocky Mountain House Alberta. Their qualified fitness staff offers help for beginners with numerous different equipment, a free weight center and workout area. Programs to fit your goals can be arranged.                          


Lacombe Cheney Karate Studio

Arashi-Do Karate Schools of Rocky Mountain House

Our karate martial arts school in Rocky Mountain House Alberta is one of a kind.                          


Lacombe Curves Gym for women

Ram River Sports Ltd in Rocky Mountain House

We carry the best selection of sports equipment in Rocky.                         


Lacombe Herbal Magic

Curves For Women of Rocky

We are the elite fitness gym in Rocky Mountain House Alberta. Women of all ages can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the best surroundings. Whether for weight loss or staying in shape, we have the answer.                         

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